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As a binding to our skis portfolio we chose model Tyrolia. This company has more than 80 years of history and experience and is at the forefront of the safety features and technical innovations. Type PEAK 15x T.H. and 12 combine the latest technical features such as the TRP toe, which provides safety release in all directions, while perfectly centers ski boot and the heel Race Pro + matte surface has better scratch resist. Release strength DIN, which play a major role are at Peak 15 from 5 -15 and Peak 12 from 3.5-12 PEAK. DIN value should never be set to its maximum value. Binding is always provided with optimally wide brakes.



  • Toe Aero with TRP system
  • Race Diagonal (release power of toe is adjusted more vertical )
  • Race Pro Heel (decrease hight and weight over the ski - Peak 15)
  • LD Heel (swivel heel 150° - Peak 12 )
  • Dura-Coating(resistance surface)
  • Teflon Wide
Binding price PEAK 15 : 3.900 CZK incl. tax koupit
Binding price PEAK 12 : 2.450 CZK incl. tax koupit

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