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Viktor Galuska ViktorClimber in Adrzbach mountains in the summer and full time freerider in the winter. Comes from Skalice near Frydek-Mistek, where for 25 years is tasting life under the Beskydy mountains. His life and its immediacy is reflected in his riding in which have barely any competitors. His calm on drop's landing is so unshakeable so he shows it on all mountains around Europe and especially in his popular resort Vratna, SK.







Lukáš Bilko - Bilko20 years old rifle from Ropice who takes the sport as a life attitude. Together with crew he is involved in many freeride competitions during pushes his limits in all aspects. Like to build BC jumps on which are not afraid to send any tricks in all positions. To the mountain is usually transported by his car vintage car "tranpik" from 1975, which has a distinctive color and sound.




Bára Možná - Bilkorider of Ymli team.


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