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With the unstoppable progress of pushing the limits and possibilities of extreme sports (including very popular freeriding in these days), often leads to a specialization in the development, especially speaking about design, features and other characteristic in sports equipment. The YMLI project is being a part of cooperation with leading Czech producer and renowned ski company SPORTEN, Inc., which has more than 100 years of tradition in ski production.






New brand YMLI was set up on ambitions and experiences of experts from the ski production, sports equipment, sales and marketing and lastly the very enthusiasm skiers and lovers of extreme sports. The core of YMLI and its development is the fact that the actual management of the product line is team of riders whose freeride became a part of their life, life style and attitude.

The aim of YMLI is to approach this product line to general public and thanks to the feedback bring solution that is closest to their needs in the required quality and adequate price. The main mission is to build up a trust with users and popularity, which is necessary for the successful development of other business activities.


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